Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tablecloth from a Window Curtain

Earlier this week I was looking through my linen closet for something and ran across a pair of tab top window curtains that a friend had given me. They were too short for my windows and I had put them away until I found a use for them. As I unfolded the curtains, I realized that they felt like a white damask tablecloth. Then it occurred to me that they were about the size of my dining table on the screened porch.
Who would have believed?  Almost a perfect fit.
Here is a closer shot of the tabs at the top. I could have just cut them off, but I decided to use my seam ripper to remove them for a cleaner look.
I carefully ripped the seam a each tab and removed it.
After removing the tabs, I used my sewing machine to run a seam across the top to close up the holes. With about 30 minutes of work I had a new tablecloth.
Don’t you just love a free project?


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