Friday, August 6, 2010

A Quick Cover for an Unsightly Electrical Panel Box

Why on earth I ever agreed to allow the builder to put the electrical panel box on a very open wall in the basement family room I will never know.  I guess that falls under the “pick your battles” category.  Meanwhile, I am stuck with a very UGLY grey box at the bottom of the stairs.
Pic 106
I’m talking a BIG  ugly grey box. It is 40 inches tall!!
Solution: get to the nearest flea market as soon as possible. Purchase an old shutter that is big enough to cover this monster.
Pic 107
Use any leftover paint to paint your shutter. Print off signage from the computer and transfer it to the shutter.  I used old fashioned carbon paper for my transfer. Paint the lettering then lightly sand with fine sandpaper.

Pic 105
Hang your new masterpiece.While this is certainly not “artist” material, it beats that UGLY grey box!

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Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Ugh, I feel your pain on this one. I'm dealing with a similar situation in the otherwise fabulous and huge laundry room of a house we bought. Unfortunately, my panel protrudes several inches out from the wall so your very creative shutter trick won't work for me. :(