Monday, August 9, 2010

A Must Have Item for the Kitchen

I recently discovered a must have item for the kitchen while perusing the isles of Marshall’s.  For several years, I have used Debbie Meyer Greenbags to help prolong the life of fresh fruit. The containers that I found claim to keep food fresh longer and are easier than the bags to store in the frig.  Some of the containers use a type of silver technology to prevent the growth of bacteria.   Pic 061 
  There were 2 different styles of containers available and I chose the one with a little tray in the bottom that looks somewhat like a dish drainer.The tray allows the fruit to stay above any moisture that may form from condensation. You can see in the photo above that moisture is on the inside of the container. In the picture below, you can see the little removable tray. 
Pic 064
  So far, these peaches have been in the container in the frig for 2 weeks and they still look like they did when I put them in.  I also kept some peaches in one for more than a month. While the month old peaches were not flawless, they were very usable and still tasted delicious. I went back and purchased a smaller container to use for strawberries. The larger container was about $10 and the smaller one was about $5. In my opinion, this was money well spent that will result in money saved.
Try them and let me know if you like how they work.

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Paula said...

I should look for these. It kills me to pay good money for fruit and have it go to waste.