Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dining Room Update–ORC Week 4


Progress on the dining room update is moving right along as I attempt to complete the project in six weeks as a participant in the One Room Challenge at the Calling it Home blog. The photo below shows what I started with.

 dining room before 1

The old wallpaper has been removed and has been replaced by this P Kaufmann fabric, Malawi, in the Hibiscus color. You can read about that process by clicking here and here.

fabric covered wall and paint

The wall below the chair rail was  given a fresh coat of Valspar paint, Pam’s Lace.

old  chandelier

This week the brass chandelier was replaced with a crystal one.

new chandelier 1

new gold leaf on the mirror

The mirror that hangs over the sideboard was given a fresh coat of Liquid Leaf. I  used the same product on my foyer mirror and wanted them to have the same finish. It is very quick drying and easy to use. I purchased it at Hobby Lobby.

liquid gold leaf

I am confident that I am going to be able to pull it all together in the last two weeks. Next up will be new drapes and new chair seats.  Be sure to click over to Calling It Home here to see the other projects.

I’m also linking to Thoughts of Home on Thursday, and to Grace at Home, two great parties with lots of inspiration!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dining Room Update- ORC Week 3

This is week 3 of the One Room Challenge in which I will be redecorating my formal dining room and posting updates over the course of 6 weeks. In Week One I shared the “before” pictures. You can see them by clicking here. Last week (week 2) I shared the labor intensive process of stripping the existing wallpaper and repairing the walls. You can see that post by clicking here. This week I feel like I made some progress!

fabric covered wall and paint

I used the beautiful floral fabric by P Kauffman as wallpaper! After removing the old wallpaper and making needed repairs, I painted a base coat above and below the chair rail in a color that matched the background of the fabric. That way if a seam were to come loose, the wall color would match the fabric. The paint that I used is Pam’s Lace by Valspar. The fabric pattern name is Malawi and the color is Kiwi. I am tickled pink with the results! As with wallpaper, I started in the most incospicuous place. Because the doors to the foyer are always open, I started in the corner behind the door and worked my way around the room.

hanging fabric on walls

Because the fabric is 54” wide, it takes half as many strips as the wallpaper. However, I wasn’t able to reach all the way across without moving the ladder so I had to use push pins. The holes from the push pins do not show at all due to the texture of the fabric and the amount of pattern.

hanging the fabric on the wall

I carefully worked my way around the room. I used a paint roller to apply wallpaper paste directly to the wall the hung it using push pins until I had matched the pattern and made any necessary trims.

matching pattern

Once everything was aligned I smoothed it out and removed the pins and then made the final trims at the top and bottom edges. I love it when a plan comes together! I feel like I’m on the downhill side now. I can’t wait to complete this project!

Be sure to click over to Calling It Home to see the other projects.

I’m linking to Thoughts of Home on Thursday at Decor to Adore and to Grace at Home at Imparting Grace. All of these linking parties have tons of inspiration!

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dining Room Update–Week 2

fabric samples close up

Week One of the dining room update involved a tremendous amount of work. Not yet to the fun part but a very necessary part.This is a close-up shot of the fabric samples. I love color and pattern and am very excited to get started.

fabric samples

The photo above shows the current rug and the fabric samples. The wallpaper sample is from the adjoining foyer. The rug will be staying for now but may be changed later.

wallpaper removed from first wall

The frist step was to remove the existing wallpaper. As you can see from the photo above, most of the paper came off pretty quickly and easily. The problem with the wallpaper removal was the seams.  Somewhere along the way in the last 30 years, the seams started to come loose and I used a “Seam Adhesive” for repairs. Pardon all of the silver on the table. I had to empty my china cabinet before I could move it.

wallpaper seams

As you can see in the photo above, there was damage at every seam all the way around the room.

seam damage to wall

When the glue did come off, it pulled off paint and paper from the sheetrock.

wallpaper seam paste #2

In this photo you can see that the seam adhesive is another layer on the wall.

wallpaper seam paste

Removing the glue was quite the task.

wllpaper seam adhesive

If you have a package of this seam adhesive I would suggest that you dispose of it as quickly as possible. If I had to do it again, I would use regular wallpaper paste to repair the seams.

spackle over seams

I had to spackle every seam to repair the damage and then sand them before moving on. It was a lot of work but wall prep is essential for a good quality wall finish. Hopefully I will have some pretty pictures by next week!

I’ll be linking to the One Room Challenge at Calling it Home. Click the link to see lots of one room projects in the works. I’m also linking to Grace at Home at Imparting Grace.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Updating the Dining Room- One Room Challenge

After taking a break from blogging for several months I have decided to participate in the One Room Challenge at Calling It Home. The challenge is to complete a one room project in six weeks and post progress reports online. I will be redecorating our formal dining room. dining room before 1

There is nothing wrong with the room, I am just ready for a change after 29 years! All of the furniture will stay and the rug is staying for now but may be changed later.

dining room before chair seats

I will be changing the brass chandelier and I will be changing the chair seats.

dining room before window treatments

The window treatments will also be changed.

dining room brass chandelier

The first thing to go will be the wallpaper from the Victoria and Albert collection and the yellow Sugar Cookie paint color.

inspiration fabric 1

My inspiration for the room is this fabric. It is the Malawi pattern by P Kaufmann in the Hibiscus colorway. The tree branches blend well with the new foyer wallpaper.

inspiration fabric 2

The colors also blend well with the settee in the foyer. I am excited to get started and hope you will follow along. Be sure to click over to Calling It Home to see lots of other great projects.

You can click on the photo below if you would like to see how I updated the foyer last year.

foyer reflections

I am also linking to Thoughts of Home on Thursday at Decor to Adore and at Poofing the Pillows and to Grace at Home at Imparting Grace. I always enjoy browsing around at these linky parties and I’m sure you will too.

Have a great week!

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