Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Quick Fix for Leaky Rain Boots


As the start of a new school year draws closer, it’s time to ready all of our supplies. Every school kid needs a good pair of rain boots, even big school kids!  Unfortunately, a pair of fairly new boots reportedly sprang a leak.

Pic 027Pic 029

I figured that if a leaky bath tub could be fixed, so could a pair of rain boots! So, I proceeded to run a thin bead of bath tub caulk around the seams. The caulk goes on white but dries clear.

 Pic 030 Pic 031

It is imperative to let the caulk dry thoroughly.


Pic 032

(Please excuse the yucky photo. It’s hard to take a picture of your boots while you are wearing them and standing in a pail of water!)  Fill a pail with water and step in to test the boots. If you feel water, you need to caulk again. If you don’t feel water, the repair was successful! Happy puddle splashing!!