Thursday, May 7, 2015

Foyer Update Week 6

foyer reflections

Today is the big reveal for the One Room Challenge at Calling It Home. While I didn’t quite finish everything on my list, I am happy with everything that I was able to accomplish.

entry table before

The photo above shows the “before” of my foyer. Nothing was wrong with it, I was just ready for a little freshening up after 28 years!

foyer reflection 2

I chose Thibaut wallpaper in the Royal pattern. The colorway is metallic pewter. (I had previously used this paper in my powder room update which you can see here.)

new finish on mirror

tabletop vignette

While it was time consuming removing the old wallpaper, preparing the walls, hanging new paper, and painting all of the spindles and trim, everything was cosmetic so I didn’t have to work around the schedule of a contractor.

looking toward the front door

new planter

I found this new planter at TJMaxx. I am using the same plant stand that I already had.

new plant and planter

I also added a fresh plant to the planter. At Christmas, I move the planter to another location and put the big tree here in the curve of the stairs.

new rug 2

I purchased this vintage rug on Etsy. You can read about that purchase in this post.

new rug new wallpaper

new rug

old rug

The old rug is still in great condition but the orangey gold colors and the pattern clashed with the new wallpaper.

old rug new wallpaper

In the photo above you can see the clash between the old rug and the new wallpaper.

settee with new fabric

I love the new fabric on the settee.

settee before

The old fabric was looking really tired.

big wall with new wallpaper

The new wallpaper makes a big impact on the stairwell wall. It is a huge wall to decorate if left painted!

stairwell before 2

The photo above shows the stairwell wall before the update.

foyer reflections

I’m still shopping for a new light fixture for the top of the foyer as the crystal chandelier over the door is staying. I didn’t get the new sheers done for the palladian window in the upper foyer area but those will be done soon since I did purchase the fabric. I am so pleased with how everything turned out.

If you missed the previous posts on this project you can see them here: Week 1, Week 2Week 3Week 4,  and Week 5.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Foyer Update Week 5

My foyer is coming together ( I think) as the clock ticks down for the One Room Challenge. I think that I can complete everything with the exception of replacing the upper light fixture! Several family crises have kept me from shopping for a light fixture so that is still on my list. Let me show you a few snipets of what I’m working on now.

mirror before 3

I have had this antique Florentine mirror in storage for more than a year waiting for this project. I purchased it at Scott’s in Atlanta. The previous owner had a DIY failure of putting some type of paint or glaze over the gold leaf and decided to sell it.

mirror before 2

liquid gold leaf 2

I purchased Liquid Leaf at Hobby Lobby for the new finish instead of trying to remove whatever the added finish was. If I want to reapply real gold leaf I can do that later but for now this finish suits me just fine. You’ll have to come back next week to see how it turned out. I also used Liquid Leaf on the finials for the curtain rod over the Palladian window. It was easy to use and the one small bottle was enough for the mirror and finials with some left over. Quick drying, easy, and inexpensive; my kind of project!

mother of pearl trinket box

I saw a Mother of Pearl trinket box at a showhouse in Charleston while I have been working on this project and knew that would be a great accessory. I checked the designer notebook in that room for the source and price. It was a whopping $245, a little more than I wanted to spend. A few days later I ran across this one on the clearance aisle at Homegoods for $12! Such a great price that I got 2. (I just saved $466!!)

settee before

This settee is way overdue for a new seat!

new fabric for settee

Since I long for lots of bright color, I chose this bright pink upholstery velvet for the settee.

new planter

I found this new planter at Homegoods too.

new sheer fabric

This is the new sheer linen fabric that I have chosen for the Palladian window covering.

vintage oushak rug

I wanted to replace the rug with one with very subtle colors and pattern. I saw 2 different rugs that I like in two different shops. This is a small rug, approximately 4 x 6. Both of the rugs that I saw in shops were $1980. That was more than I wanted to spend for this spot. I searched Craigslist to no avail. I decided to look on Etsy and am so glad that I did. I found this vintage rug from this seller for $242. I was a little hesitant since the seller is located in Turkey but I decided to take a chance knowing that I have great consumer protection with my American Express card. I purchased the rug on Saturday night and it was delivered to my door on Thursday morning! Super fast international shipping which was included in the price of the rug. I am a happy customer and I saved $1738!!

Please check in next week to see the final reveal if I am able to complete it! I have another death in my family and some out of town travel between now and next week!

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I’m linking to the One Room Challenge at Calling It Home.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Foyer Update Week 4

I am moving right along on my progress on the foyer. This week was devoted to painting. Before hanging the new wallpaper, I painted the molding above and below the wallpaper area so as not to have any mishaps on the new wallpaper. This week I painted the wall below the chair rail, the baseboards, the risers on the stairs, and the spindles, all 75 of them, and the newel posts, the doors to the coat closets, and the doors to the living room and dining room. It was a lot of tedious work. Now I am ready to get to the fun part. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

new paint and paper 4

catwalk before

The photo above is a “before” shot and the photo below is the “after” of the same area.

new paint and paper

stairwell before 1Another “before” photo above and the “after” paint on the stairs

new paint and paper 3

new paint and paper 2

freshly painted doors

front entry before

And the last “before” above and the “after” below.

freshly painted doors 2

If you missed the previous posts you can click here for week 1,week 2, and week 3. I’m joining the One Room Challenge at Calling It Home. Click the link to see lots of great projects!

Have a great week!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Foyer Update–Week 3

I am continuing to make progress on my foyer update. To refresh your memory, this is what it looked like when I started.

entry table before

stairwell before 2

One of the projects on my list was to remove the popcorn texture from the ceiling. I first stripped the old wallpaper and placed my order for new paper. I didn’t order until I was ready in case I needed to order more so that I could get the same “run number” if I did need to reorder. I ordered 2 more double rolls than I thought I needed and am so glad I did. Because of all of the waste in pattern matching, I used all of the rolls! I do have a large portion of the last roll left over but  had no unopened rolls left. The paper was on backorder for 2 weeks, so I worked on the ceiling and wall prep during that time. I also put a fresh coat of paint on the crown molding and the chair rail before starting the paper.

upper foyer light before

smooth ceiling

ceiling detail

While the ceiling is not perfectly smooth, it is a tremendous improvement. I still haven’t decided on a new light fixture yet. The lower foyer light is a small crystal chandelier that hangs in front of the leaded glass fanlight window over the front door and I am keeping it.

chandelier and fanlight

After following the directions carefully for wall prep, the paper hanging went pretty quickly and smoothly. I am loving the new look.

paper progress 1

I started with the longest strip of paper which was over the stairs and worked my way around.

paper progress 2

Since I’m working from the top down, the yellow paint below the chair rail will be the next thing to go.

paper progress oops

About 24 hours after I finished hanging the paper, I had an unexpected death in my family and had family coming in from out of town. We took down the scaffolding and cleaned up as best as we could. My aunt who was visiting went in to admire the project. Thankfully, she spotted a small area that I had missed! It was the small corner above the door to the dining room in the photo above. That was a quick and easy fix. Moving on to painting the lower walls, spindles, and all of the doors now.

If you missed my first post on this project, you can read about it by clicking here and if you missed the second post you can read it here.  I’m participating in the One Room Challenge to redecorate a room in six weeks at Calling It Home. Click here to see lots of inspiration!

I’m also linking to Grace at Home at Imparting Grace.

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