Saturday, September 3, 2016

Garden Tour of Moss Mountain Farm Part 3

This is part three of a four part post of my visit to P Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm. Today we will visit the west lawn of Moss Mountain Farm, see the guest house, and visit the chicken house known as Poultryville.

kitchen side garden entry

A gravel pathway leads around the west side of the house. Again I love the boxwoods on either side of the path and the white gate set within the hedge.

incrediball hydrangea

This huge hydrangea in full western sun is the Incrediball Hydrangea. It was quite the bloomer!

incrediballl hydrangea 2


flower lined garden path

I will repeat myself in saying that a mass planting of a single color makes a big impact. Just look at the impact of those Coleus in the photo above.

west lawn

The large west lawn is enclosed by a wall of hedges too. Another hedge border of roses is inside the taller wall of hedges. The roses appear to be Knock Out roses. You can see two more of the huge oak trees in the background.

west lawn focal point

The focal point of the lawn is a deer statue (about 5 feet tall) set into another bed of roses which was underplanted with petunias.

guest house 1

The guest house is between the Garden Home and the chicken house. We did not go inside but passed it on our way to the chicken house.

guest house 2

The guest house was built for Allen’s brother, sister in law, and their two children who live and work on the farm. The guest house was a challenge to build a 1500 square feet home in 150 days for $150,000.  We were told by the tour guide that all three goals were exceeded. The house is a 1600 square feet and the entire project was chronicled on youtube. You can see it by clicking here. This is a great introductory article about it. I also remember seeing an article about this project in Southern Living magazine.

guest house 3

guest house 4

guest house 5

guest house 6

guest house pergola

chicken house - poultryville

You can see from the picture above that the chicken house is huge! The chicken house is called Poultryville.

horse carriages at the chicken house

The photo above is the view from the other side of the chicken house.

view from the chicken house

This is the view back to the house.

baby chicks

Allen started raising chickens as a kid in the 4 H program and is very involved with preserving heritage breed chickens.

chicken and sheep

I would venture to say that these are some of the luckiest and best kept chickens in the world!

I have one more post on the garden tour.  I may be saving the best for last!  If you missed the other posts you can see Post One here and Post Two here. You can see my home tour of the Garden Home here.

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