Sunday, August 24, 2014

More Found Treasure

Before I show you my recently found treasures, I want to show you the lamps that I made from the brass parrot candlesticks that I found. I will do an entire post on them soon but wanted to give you a sneak preview.

parrot lamps with blu and green shade

Here is what they looked like when I bought the pair for $19 except that both of them were very tarnished and the one on the right has been polished in the photo below.

brass parrot candlesticks somparison

I found several items that were “ready to use” which is unusual for me! I’ll show you those first.

Bowl of orchids

I love this bowl of orchids that I purchased at an estate sale. It was $45 which my husband thought was expensive. Each of the two orchids would cost $25 to $30 each and I got the great bowl so I thought it was an acceptable price though not terribly thrifty. I am sure that it would cost at least $100 if purchased at a florist. Actually another shopper was going to buy it until she found out that the orchids were real so she put it back down and I bought it. You can see a tablescape that I used it in by clicking here.

covered silver dish

I also bought this little covered silver plated server at the same sale. It is missing the glass liner but I think I can find a replacement. This was a $10 find. 

dutch canisters

Another purchase from this same estate sale was the 4 large antique Dutch canisters pictured above. I had bought the small one in the center of the top shelf at a market in Belgium then saw that these were matches. Two of the canister have tops and the other two do not. The price for the four was $35. You can read about the market in Belgium by clicking here.

red transferware

I found this set of red transferware at another estate sale. I know it’s not a bargain if you don’t need it, but I could resist it at $22 for eight plates, cups, and saucers. It is in excellent condition.

 transferware and urns

Of course one purchase leads to another. I LOVE these hand painted Italian urns that I found at an antique mall. They were not particularly thrifty at $49 for the pair but I bought them any way because I thought they would go with the dinnerware very well.

Italian urns

Now to my “to be transformed” purchases!

cane chair

This faux bamboo cane chair caught my eye at Goodwill. I had to wait for an older gentleman to get up from it to inspect it and purchase it. He seemed to be enjoying it while he was taking a little rest. I will need to make some minor repairs and replace the cane in one side and replace the cushions. I’ll post an update when it is complete.

cane chair label

It is a good quality piece made by Hickory Chair. Price tag: $15!!

ginger jar lamps

I have another fun project planned for these two lamps that I found at a Habitat Restore. One was $6 and the other was $15 but they are identical except for the color. I asked about the price difference at the check out. The price was not negotiable and the manager told me that the beige one was more expensive because it had a really nice shade (hahaha) and that they don’t sell much stuff that is bright yellow! I told her to keep the shade as I would not be using it. Price was still not negotiable but it never hurts to ask. I still got a pair of lamps for $21. This store had a great feature that my husband who hates thrift stores thoroughly enjoyed. They had a large plastic bin full of golf balls for 25 cents each. He is very particular about his golf balls and only uses Titleist golf balls which start at about $30 per dozen. We bought several dozen for $3 per dozen! Next time I want to stop at a thrift store I can say “they might have golf balls!”

red dining chairs 1

My last purchase was a set of 4 dining chairs. They are very sturdy and in very good condition except for needed cosmetic changes. They were $20 each. I am going to do a post one day on all of the $20 treasures that I have found! I can’t wait to tear in to these chairs but I have to finish some other projects first.

red dining chairs 2

I will be painting and reupholstering these!

I hope that you are enjoying these last few weeks of summer. I surely am.

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Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Pat, you got some awesome deals, but I had to laugh when you said you told your hubby that the thrift stores may have more golf balls! My husband only uses those expensive balls, too! I should use that line! Hehe!