Monday, June 16, 2014

Amsterdam Part 3

While visiting Amsterdam we had the opportunity to see some wonderful art. The Dutch painters are responsible for some fantastic pieces. While biking through the city we came to Rembrandt Square. It was a very pretty green space with life size statues of his famous work The Night Watch. It was quite impressive. Please excuse the tourists in the photos. I gave up on trying to get clean shots.

Rembrandt Square 1

Rembrandt square 2

rembrandt square 3

Rembrandt square 4

We also rode to the Rembrandt House museum but after reading the brochure we decided not to go inside. We went to the Van Gogh museum but did not care for it! It was rather small and all of the works were behind glass. Also, his best known works were not in that museum and we thought the admission was over priced. Next we went to the Rijks Museum and loved everything about it. We could have stayed there all day.  The building itself was remarkable and the collections were outstanding. Many of the more well known works had excellent printed art guides in various languages and they were very informative.

Rijks Museum street side

The Rijks Museum is so big that we couldn’t get the whole building in one picture!

Rijks Museum details 1

Let’s zoom in on some of the details.

Rijks Museum details 2

Rijks Museum details 3

Rijks Museum details 4

Notice the rooftop statue on the left even has a “canvas” he is painting.

Rijks Museum details 5

Rijks Museum details 6

Rijks Museum details 7

There was a beautiful garden in back.

Rijks Museum Garden

Rijks Museum Garden 2

The inside was quite impressive too.

Museum Windows 3

There were beautiful stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings.

Rijks Museum interior ceiling details

I want to share just a few of the highlights of the museum. One of our primary purposes of our trip was to see some specific pieces of art. After seeing the movie The Monuments Men, we wanted to see some of the works that had been recovered. If you haven’t seen the movie let me give a very brief summary. During World War II, Hitler had the Nazis plunder thousands of pieces of art and hide them so that Hitler could build a great museum at the end of the war. The United States sent a special unit which included trained artists and architects to find the art and recover it. The members of that military unit were known as The Monuments Men.  Much of the art was recovered from salt mines in Europe where it had been hidden. The salt mines turned out to be an excellent storage place with regard to light and humidity.  Rembrandt’s Night Watch was one of the pieces that was stolen and then recovered by the Monuments Men. It was truly amazing!! It was a very large painting.

night watch

It was impossible to get a picture without tourists in the way. The person on the right side of the photo is using one of the art guides that we liked so much.

Rijks Museum life-size painting

The life size painting above was one of our favorites.

gold frame

I was quite taken with this elaborately carved frame.

canal house doll house

This elaborate dollhouse was a model of a canal house complete with china, silver, copper pots and artwork. Reportedly it cost as much as a real canal house.

Delftware display

This was an interesting display of Delftware. Let’s take a closer look.

blue and white display closeup

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Rijks Museum and highly recommend it.  On a more somber note, we visited the Anne Frank House. No photography was allowed inside that museum. It was very interesting and did a good job portraying the heart-breaking story of Anne Frank. It is a not-to-be-missed landmark in Amsterdam. Since I’m a rule follower, I did not try to take photos inside but I found a photo online of the toilet in the Anne Frank house.It was delft and I had to share it.

A_ Frank toilet sm

We were not able to go to the Corrie Ten Boom house on this trip. It is located in Haarlem, Holland which is a short train ride from Amsterdam. I have heard that it is a great site to visit also.

This wraps up my posts for Amsterdam. My next post on the trip will be about the places we visited in Belgium.

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Pamela Rosenberg said...

What a fabulous trip. This is a city that has been on my bucket list for awhile but seeing your pictures has moved it up more than a few notches.

Thanks for stopping by BeColorful and commenting on my new front door urns.
Have a great week.

Vel Criste said...

Our family loves art museums and seeing fabulous works of art up close is just simply amazing everytime. Thanks for sharing this tour Pat, I really enjoyed it and glad you got to visit the Rijk and see the Night watch (we just saw Monuments men last week and loved it)! I would also make sure I visit Anne Franks home if I ever get to go there. :-)

the cape on the corner said...

great trip! i was amazed at just how huge those paintings were, and i found the description card things really helpful that you could pick up.

we went to haarlem while we were there, and that is where i finally found a cheese shop that let me sample tons of cheese. the best selling, the oldest, the most expensive. it was perfect!

Decor To Adore said...

I absolutely LOVED this post. Last semester I studied The Night Watch indepthly in one of my art history classes.