Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Headboard from Recycled Piano Wood

Since I wanted to keep my son’s room at home intact so that he would have a place to stay when he comes home, I needed an inexpensive headboard for his apartment bed. Last summer, he and I disassembled my grandmother’s old upright piano and I have been recycling the parts (except for the very heavy metal soundboard that he and a friend cashed in at the scrap metal yard!) Sorry, I don’t have good pictures again but as I stated in my last post, after hauling the goods up to the third floor I was too tired to fetch my good camera!

piano headboard 2

I can’t remember exactly where this piece of paneled wood was located inside the piano but it was just like it looks now. I simply wiped it down to get the dust off and purchased one 1 by 4 piece of lumber and had it cut in half which gave me two legs three feet long. I used wood screws to attach the legs to the back. It could not have been easier. It was the perfect length for a queen size bed. I didn’t even have to get out the saw!

paneled wood from piano

This is what it looked like before. I left the hole in the upper left corner and it is now the lower right corner of the headboard. The hole sits just below the top of the mattress. I did use just a little bit of Citrus Paint Stripper to remove the shiny part from around the outside edge. The other small screw holes were left for the added character.

piano headboard 1

I love it when a plan comes together! If you missed my other posts of the recycled piano parts so far you can click here to see the headboard I made for my daughter and here to see the little entry table that I built from piano parts.  I’ll be posting another very quick and easy recycle for my next post!

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Stacey said...

I think that's really smart! A great way to still have the old piano around. :)