Friday, September 10, 2010

Elegance on the Cheap

I love elegance. And I love a sale. Even more than those, I love it when I can do better than a sale.
cote de texas table 
The photo above came from the Cote de Texas blog. Most will agree that it evokes simple elegance.
These hurricane lamps were spotted at  They are now on sale. The regular price is $118 each!  The sale price is $59.99 each! According to the girls in blogland, these hurricanes can be made in a flash at a fraction of the retail price.
These candle holder bases were purchased at Hobby Lobby for $3 each at 50% off.  It is very similar in shape to the bases on the inspirational hurricanes. BLOG-CANDLEHOLDER 007

These vases were purchased at the Dollar Tree for  $1 each. It is also very similar in shape to the inspiration hurricanes due to the flared out shape at the top. It was hard to get a good photo due to the reflection of all the light. Clean the vase and turn it upside down.BLOG-CANDLEHOLDER 009
Add a little E6000 glue to the edge and invert the candle holder on top. The candleholder weighs enough to stay in place without additional support while drying.IMG_0772
Allow the glue to dry thoroughly. BLOG-CANDLEHOLDER 015
Again, it was hard to get a good shot due to the reflection of all the light.
Pair the hurricanes with an $8 thrift store silver bowl. IMG_0601
Throw in some yard clippings that were picked up off the side of the street.  Yes, I said yard clippings. IMG_0146
I spied these while walking down the street in Charleston and decided to rescue them. Actually, I made a mental note of the location while I was on my walk.When I went back to the car my plan was to drive by, hop out and get the trash and hop back in the car. As luck would have it, just as I pulled over to hop out since there was no street side parking, the homeowner drove up to turn in the driveway and I was in the way. As I relayed the story to my family and said that I wondered what the homeowner thought, my kids said not to worry that the homeowner could tell that anybody picking up yard trash had to be the artsy type.IMG_0598
The finished results are remarkable for $16. That’s  savings of more than $220!!! Cha-ching! I love cheap talk!

I’ll be linking to Metamorphasis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.



Lisa's Creative Home said...

Great job! I love recreating my own versions of high end items that are out of my budget!

Susan said...

I think it is so awesome when someone can duplicate a ritzy style on the cheap!! Great Job!

Melissa said...

Really great. I thought your tutorial was perfect and the end result fabulous! Yard waste to treasure! hah!

Kathleen said...

It looks wonderful!

sharonavinger said...

Hi! I live in SC and thought you would like to know that the clippings are called "popcorn plant". It grows in the Charleston area.

Just a dreamer said...


Debbiedoos said...

Beautiful job Pat....they really turned out great. I love your clippings, they look so pretty too. Thanks for stopping over.

Susan said...

They turned out great!! Thanks for the wonderful idea, I can't wait to make my own!! The clippings really added to the look. Thanks for such a great tutorial.

Marlis said...

great.. I think I'll have to try this.. what a money saver!! you could even get some of the lesser expensive apothecary type jars and put a foot on them!!!

Diane at Perfectly Imperfect Life said...

I always love that trick. The candlesticks you found for the bases are beautiful in their own right. How I WISH I had a Hobby Lobby close to my house!

cushy said...

great job! i did my own hurricanes too. check out on my blog.

Kristin said...

These look great. I've seen similar ones with the bases from dollar tree too. I like your bases a lot better than I've seen there. The round shape adds to the finished look.

Lindy said...

I've got to get busy and do this! I love the look....and the price. Great job!

Scribbler said...

Thanks for stopping by! You put me to shame.