Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bamboo Blind Deal Alert

I ran into Lowe’s yesterday to pick up a couple of items. As is usually the case, one item that I needed was at the front of the store and the other item that I needed was at the very back corner of the store. On my stroll to the back of the store I completely accidentally passed through the window covering department. Some bamboo blinds just happened to catch me eye. Then a yellow clearance sticker really caught my eye.

blind price tag

What??? Was $58 and now $11.60!! If my calculations serve me correctly that is 80% off!!! It just so happens that I could use a blind but not one that is 48 inches wide. I decided to take a chance. Our front door at our summer cottage usually stays uncovered but sometimes I would prefer to have a little more privacy.

front door without blinds 

It’s hard for an amateur photographer to take a picture of the door because the camera goes toward the light but I think you get the idea. The window is about 28 inches wide so my blind needed to be 30 inches. Thus I needed to cut 9 inches off each side. I decided to take another risk. I put a bungy cord around the blind to hold it together and took it to my chop saw. It worked very well. It is slightly rough in a few spots but good enough for me.

cut  bamboo blind

Most of the roughness in the photo above brushed off. I proceeded to install the cut blind.

open bamboo blind

When left open it still lets in plenty of light. It is a little too fat rolled up to install completely above the windows.

closed bamboo blind

The color blends well with the color of the floor. If you need a blind, get to Lowe’s ASAP. And, I have a new self-imposed rule. I am no longer shopping with a cart when I go to Lowe’s since I always find stuff that I “need” to fill it up!

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