Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Towel Bar from Recycled Piano Parts

I needed a towel bar in my laundry room at our summer cottage and I found the perfect “object” to adapt.

towel bar 1

Obviously it is made from a part of my grandmother’s piano but can you tell what the part was?

towel bar 2

I’m sure that you have guessed by now that it was one of the pedals!

piano pedal towel bar

I left it attached to the original hardware and just used screws to mount it to the wall. It swings out to hang the towel.

piano pedal

I gave it a good cleaning with steel wool and mounted it. Quick and easy!

towel bar 2

I still have enough piano parts for several more projects. If you missed the others you can see headboard #1 here and headboard #2 here and my little entry table here.

I’ll be linking to Tips, Tidbits, and Tutorials at Stone Gable. Click over to see some great inspiration!

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