Monday, March 12, 2012

Ugly Duckling Lamp Becomes A Swan

As I’ve mentioned several times before, I have multiple projects going on now as I am trying to update several areas of our home. One of those ongoing updates is in our living room. I have already updated the end tables here.

living room table before

The photo above shows the old tables and lamps. Then I ran across this beauty at a thrift shop.


Notice the price tag says $8.50 which I thought was a fair price so I paid it. But, just before I walked away from the register, another employee walked up and said “did you not want the other one?” I told her that I did but that I only saw one. She went to look for the mate but decided that it had already been sold and she said that they were supposed to be sold as a pair. She then apologized and said she would give me my refund since the price was for the pair! I ended up paying $4.25 for the lamp! Oh, I do love an unexpected bargain! I brought it home and proceeded to dissect it. You can read about another lamp dissection here. I emptied the shells, even the blue ones, and gave the lamp a good cleaning. I then purchased a new base and put it on.


I then put it all back together and added a new black shade.


I was able to find another lamp that had already lost the shells for $10. Even though they are not exact matches, they are close enough to use together.


Now, I have to deal with the ugly lamp cords. When I had the skirted tables, the cords did not show so cord covers are on my to-do list. I think I’m going to like the new look. The furniture will be reupholstered soon to help bring the room into the current century! Progress is still being made in baby steps around here but baby steps are better than no steps!


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