Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Not Too Shabby Secretary

I discovered that I needed a desk and bill paying area at our summer cottage at the lake so I went on the hunt for something cheap but cute. I like the shabby chic style but not too shabby. Chippy paint is fine in other people’s houses but I didn’t want to go that shabby. I decided I would look for a secretary to paint.  IMG_0835 I found this one on Ebay and it was close enough for me to pick up so I purchased it. I don’t have any before pictures but it was in pretty good condition. The wood veneer is chipped and missing in a couple of spots which made it an ideal candidate for paint. Actually, I didn’t even use primer but I would if I was doing it over. I just used a white latex paint so it took several coats to get good coverage.  I decided that it needed  something to give it a little pop so I added the lime trim on the drawers and the pull down top.  IMG_0849 I took the hardware off, spray painted it silver, then put it back on.Then I had the bright idea to add the monogram which I did free hand. IMG_0839 I used leftover wall paint for the accent color but it didn’t show up at all. So I measured out a quart of my leftover paint, took it to Sherwin Williams, and had them remix it one shade darker. Then I went back and painted the trim with the darker color. It shows up much better now.The grids were missing from the top doors so I made little curtain panels from fabric leftover from the bed skirt and curtains and installed them on little rods. The shelves are adjustable and they will be coming out since my plan is to put a flat screen TV in that area.IMG_0840 I also decided that the decorative top and the claw feet needed to be accented so I added some of the lime paint there.IMG_0837
  IMG_0848I especially like all of the little cubby holes and the “secret” compartments. They remind me of my elderly piano teacher that I had growing up. Every month when I gave her the check for my lessons, she put it in one of those little hiding places in her secretary that was in the studio. IMG_0842IMG_0847IMG_0845 Because this is a small room, the top stays closed unless I’m using the writing area and I use the little stool at the foot of the bed to sit on.IMG_0836 I am pleased with how well this project came out. I will be linking to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.
P.S. I’m looking forward to a busy week as I will be in Gatlinburg at a conference for senior adults where I will be selling my Bethlehem Christmas dinnerware. Christmas will be here before you know it.  I have some special prices right now and would LOVE to send you some!