Thursday, April 30, 2015

Foyer Update Week 5

My foyer is coming together ( I think) as the clock ticks down for the One Room Challenge. I think that I can complete everything with the exception of replacing the upper light fixture! Several family crises have kept me from shopping for a light fixture so that is still on my list. Let me show you a few snipets of what I’m working on now.

mirror before 3

I have had this antique Florentine mirror in storage for more than a year waiting for this project. I purchased it at Scott’s in Atlanta. The previous owner had a DIY failure of putting some type of paint or glaze over the gold leaf and decided to sell it.

mirror before 2

liquid gold leaf 2

I purchased Liquid Leaf at Hobby Lobby for the new finish instead of trying to remove whatever the added finish was. If I want to reapply real gold leaf I can do that later but for now this finish suits me just fine. You’ll have to come back next week to see how it turned out. I also used Liquid Leaf on the finials for the curtain rod over the Palladian window. It was easy to use and the one small bottle was enough for the mirror and finials with some left over. Quick drying, easy, and inexpensive; my kind of project!

mother of pearl trinket box

I saw a Mother of Pearl trinket box at a showhouse in Charleston while I have been working on this project and knew that would be a great accessory. I checked the designer notebook in that room for the source and price. It was a whopping $245, a little more than I wanted to spend. A few days later I ran across this one on the clearance aisle at Homegoods for $12! Such a great price that I got 2. (I just saved $466!!)

settee before

This settee is way overdue for a new seat!

new fabric for settee

Since I long for lots of bright color, I chose this bright pink upholstery velvet for the settee.

new planter

I found this new planter at Homegoods too.

new sheer fabric

This is the new sheer linen fabric that I have chosen for the Palladian window covering.

vintage oushak rug

I wanted to replace the rug with one with very subtle colors and pattern. I saw 2 different rugs that I like in two different shops. This is a small rug, approximately 4 x 6. Both of the rugs that I saw in shops were $1980. That was more than I wanted to spend for this spot. I searched Craigslist to no avail. I decided to look on Etsy and am so glad that I did. I found this vintage rug from this seller for $242. I was a little hesitant since the seller is located in Turkey but I decided to take a chance knowing that I have great consumer protection with my American Express card. I purchased the rug on Saturday night and it was delivered to my door on Thursday morning! Super fast international shipping which was included in the price of the rug. I am a happy customer and I saved $1738!!

Please check in next week to see the final reveal if I am able to complete it! I have another death in my family and some out of town travel between now and next week!

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Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

This is going to be so pretty. I love that fuscia fabric, my new favorite color.

'LUSH' said...

Love your ideas. The "final" will be lovely, I'm sure. I have to ask, regarding your pink velvet, is it pink (hot pink/bright pink) or is it fuschia? I am trying to find a hot pink and not fuschia. If so, where did you purchase? Thank you.

Vel Criste said...

You have some great pieces to work on Pat! I know how great you are at this and I bet your mirror and settee will be wonderful! Love the great bargain on that trinket box, wow! I don't think the nursery will be totally done by the reveal, you know how it is, it will be ok for reveal I guess, but DONE? you know me, I will be tweaking it everyday! LOL!Have fun!

Sam | Away She Went said...

Wow! So much good stuff going on! I love the new fabric for the settee and that rug was a great deal! I can't believe how quickly it arrived! Looking forward to the reveal next week!

Erin @ the-organized-life said...

This is just looking amazing! Can't wait for Thursday when we get to see everything!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Love the beautiful mirror and gorgeous settee...cannot wait to see the reveal next week!