Sunday, May 25, 2014

Treasure Hunting

I love to go “treasure hunting” at antique shops near and far. This weekend a friend and I spent a couple of hours treasure hunting at local antique stores. I was thrilled to find several treasures.

brass parrot candlestick- polished

My first find of the day was a pair of brass candlesticks. I already cleaned and polished the first parrot. I used Bar Keepers Friend to give it a good cleaning then polished with Wenol metal polish.  These are two of my favorite products for tough cleaning jobs.  Below is a shot of the pair showing the polished one and the unpolished one. They stand almost 14 inches tall and I think I will make lamp bases out of  them.

brass parrot candlesticks somparison

I have a small collection of antique wooden kitchen paddles and I found a couple more. I plan to use these as bread plates at each place setting.

wooden paddles

I also found a pewter salt shaker and pepper mill just like another one that I already have. Now I have one for each end of the table!

pewter salt and pepper mill

I stumbled across a group of copper cookware that I couldn’t pass up. It seemed to be nice heavy weight. Several pieces were made in France, the roasting pan was made in Italy, and the 3 small pans were made in Sweden. All of them will need a thorough cleaning and polishing.

copper cookware

Looks like I’ll be busy polishing for a few days!

I’m still sorting and labeling my pictures from our trip to Europe so I will get those up as I am able. Click on the home button above if you missed the previous posts that I did on the trip.

I hope that you have a nice Memorial Day a great week! My hat is always off for those who have served our country!

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I’ll be linking to Thrifty Treasures at Southern Hospitality Blog. Click the link to see the other finds.


Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Pat, you really found some great treasures! I really love that collection of copper pots. I would have grabbed those, too! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Love the candle holders and how you cleaned them and you really found a treasure with the copper pots!

Marigene said...

What a find in the copper pots! Can't wait to see the candlesticks transformed into lamps.

Vel Criste said...

Love those candlesticks Pat!!! you know how much a sucker I am for brass, but also jealous of your copper pots!!!! Those wooden spoons can make unique wall art too, haven't come across something similar yet on my hunts.