Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Not To Buy!


The first item on my project list for 2012 is updating my kitchen and I have gotten started. I will be doing a full post when the job is more complete. As part of the update, I am switching from a countertop microwave oven to an over the range microwave. My current microwave/convection takes up a lot of counter space and the range hood was in dire need or replacement.


Because I keep things a looonnnggggg time, I wanted to make a good decision. I promptly paid for an online subscription to Consumer Reports to read the reviews. While I don’t need a lot of whistles and bangs I do need quiet operation because I use the microwave for much more that popcorn and reheating. I actually use it for cooking quite a bit. I purchased a GE over the range microwave for our summer cottage a couple of summers ago and was happy with that model. So, I looked up the number and checked Consumer Reports. The ratings were fine and the “noise of operation” was rated “very good!” I proceeded to purchase and install GE model JVM1540. Upon completion of installation I turned on the microwave to try it out. Much to my DISMAY, it was VERY LOUD!!!! It sounded like the vent fan was running on “high.”  Thinking that something was wrong, I sought help from the owner’s manual only to find out that the fan is on an automatic setting that operates whenever the microwave is in use! Excuse me, but I would like to be able to hear myself think while I am cooking. I was appalled at the noise and I am very disappointed in Consumer Reports.



Knowing that I could not live with this noise issue for the next 10 years, the hub and I proceeded to uninstall the microwave and box everything back up in its original packing material and drive back to HHGregg where we had purchased it. Customer service at HHGregg was great. They were very sorry that I was not happy with my purchase and promptly issued a refund, no questions asked. Next, I went to the telephone directory and started calling stores that sold appliances. I told each one that I was looking for a microwave but wanted to hear it run before I made a purchase. One of the other local big box stores was of absolutely NO help. The salesman told me that none of them were hooked up and that all of them made a lot of noise and that I would not be able to find a quiet model. Not to be deterred, I continued to call. I called a locally owned furniture/appliance store and explained my dilemma. The salesman quickly told me that his microwaves were not hooked up but that he would be happy to get an extension cord and plug one in so that I could hear it. Now that is customer service. We drove to the store and he had the extension cord waiting! It took me less than 30 seconds to make  a decision.


I chose Whirlpool model WMH1163XVS and I could not be more pleased. The Consumer Reports rating for this model is only “Good” but I beg to differ. The difference in this model and the GE model is night and day. In fact, this Whirlpool model runs more quietly than my expensive countertop model.


It does not have a rack or a probe but I have never used those features in my current model. Just in case you are wondering, that is a sweet potato for the test run.


I am so glad that we did not have to pay someone for installation then have to pay for uninstallation for a purchase that I was not happy with.


Now I am a happy camper cooker!

I was not paid to write this post LOL!! ALL opinions expressed here are mine alone!


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Kathleen said...

Glad you were able to find what you wanted! CR is not always right. My top rated Thermador double convection oven had15 service calls in the first 3 years, and my super quiet Bosch dishwasher pumped out all night ruining the new wood floors and flooding the basement. So top rated arent always the best! :)

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

What a pain, but glad you found one that your happy with!

pogonip said...

I've frequently disagreed with CR. I do check out iVillage or other opinion sites though.

Jody said...

Thanks for the info! I am in the market for one of these as well and your review is most helpful!

Anonymous said...

That is such good info.! When we remodeled the family home and it came to putting in a microwave, we put in one of those over the stove ones as you have done, never thinking about the decible factor. Thankfully, we purchased a Kenmore (which is related to Whirlpool)and it's been quiet and working well for almost 13 years.

Designs By Pinky said...

Thanks for that info!!! XO, Pinky

The 2 Seasons said...

This is good information. Thanks for doing all of the work for me. I am in the market for a new over the stove microwave.

Kim said...

Not only will I not buy the first model (I'm in the market for a new one), but I certainly won't be subscribing to Consumer Reports anytime soon. There is so much helpful information from bloggers like yourself and other resources, that I don't even think it's necessary anymore. Glad you found one you like and it looks awesome!

Anne Boykin (bloominganne) said...

I have had several experiences with Consumer Reports where their ratings did not match my experience. Glad you were able to find one that was quiet - thanks for the info.

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

Nothing like a blog to get the truth out...good idea about the extension cord at the store...personal service rocks!!!
I would email a link to this blog post to all of the stores/companies that you dealt with...