Monday, September 8, 2014

How To Make Simple Furniture Repairs

When I stumbled across this little drop leaf side table I was immediately drawn to it. The price was $35 and when I showed interest the dealer immediately told me that he could do better on the price. I asked how much better. His reply was $20 and I agreed to buy it.  You wouldn’t believe how many $20 jewels I have rescued! One day I will do a post on them.

drop leaf side table 2

I thought that I would be painting this table and selling it but my plans changed. I decided not to paint it and I decided to keep it for a while. It did need a few simple repairs. 

dovetail drawers

Dovetail joints on the drawers are a sign of good quality workmanship.

flat head screws

Flathead screws tell me that this piece is older rather than a newly made piece which would have phillips screws.

crusty brass casters

The crusty brass casters also indicate that the table is old.

cleaned brass casters

The brass feet and casters cleaned up well with Bar Keeper’s Friend and Wenol metal polish.

loose joint

There were several loose joints that needed attention.

glued and clamped joint

I used wood glue and a clamp to repair the loose rail under the drawer.

excess glued removed

Be sure to wipe of any excess glue after putting on the clamp.

glue in joints

I also put glue in each of the four corner joints. I used wood glue rather than Gorilla glue because Gorilla glue tends to expand as it dries which sometimes causes items to separate rather than come together.

glued joints with ratcheting band clamp

I then used a ratcheting band clamp around all of the corners and wiped off the excess glue.

ratcheting band clamp

This clamp was purchased from Harbor Freight Tools. I also use it to tighten the joints on chairs. It is a very useful tool to have. I usually allow the glue to dry for 24 hours before removing any clamps.

drop leaf side table 1

It turned out to be a nice little side table for books and a drink and it fits well in a rather small spot.

drop leaf side table 2

I am up to my eyeballs in projects now!

Here is a sneak peak!


Check back soon to see if I have made any progress!

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