Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Housekeeping

With Thanksgiving next week, I’m in a mad dash to get this house clean. I am making good progress but still have a way to go, especially upstairs. As I was scrubbing my stainless steel sink with Barkeepers Friend, I picked up a small hotel silver cream pitcher that sits by the sink. It was black with tarnish and I was simply going to leave the tarnish and wipe off the dust. Boy was I surprised when the tarnish came off too! I had never thought of using it to remove tarnish.


Then I had a great idea. I decided to try it on the brass handrail on the back stairs. Boy was it the trick!

tarnished brass rail

As you can see in this “before” picture, it certainly needed a good polishing. I assembled my cleaning supplies: an old t-shirt, Barkeepers Friend, and a spray bottle of water to dampen the t-shirt.

Barkeepers Friend cleaning supplies

I dampened the t-shirt and sprinkled on a little Barkeepers Friend. Then I gave  a gentle wipe or two.

making progress

Can you see the shine coming through? It took a little elbow grease, but I soon had it clean.

Barkeepers Friend shine

It was much quicker than the product I have used in the past.

Let’s take a side by side look.

tarnished brass railBarkeepers Friend shine

I love it when I have a bright idea!

I hope you are having a great week preparing for the holidays!

And, there’s still time to order Bethlehem Christmas Dinnerware!

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