Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Another Treasure for the Porch

My mother recently gifted me another treasure for our screened porch. You may remember the piece pictured below that I purchased from the roadside for a whopping $20. You can read about it here.

porch server 1

I had already found another mirror for the other side of the doors and was looking for another piece to use as a server. My mother gave me an antique music cabinet.

IMG_7775 The idea is that it will provide a little symmetry. Here’s another view.


It was purchased from an estate sale many years ago.


The shelves inside were originally designed to hold sheet music.


I carefully pulled the back off and removed a couple of shelves then replaced the back. Since I won’t be using it to store music, I thought that it would be more useful with bigger spaces between the shelves. As I turned it over to take the back off, I found this on the back.


The “helpful information” from factory number 14 was nothing spectacular.  It was the handwritten notes on the margin of the paper that intrigued me.  It was very hard to photograph.


It says “got this cabinet Feb 6, 1918”!!!!


Across the other edge is written “wartime.”  That would have been World War I.  This little cabinet is almost 100 years old!! I love a piece with history!


A couple of thin coats of black paint and she was all done.


Even though the pieces are not identical, I like the balance it gives to the porch.

I hope that you are having a great summer!

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