Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This Little Lamp of Mine

While I am in the middle of a major kitchen update project, I have to complete a few small projects along the way so that I can feel like I’m at least making some progress. This little lamp was one such project.


It started out looking like this:


It was a pretty quick and easy redo. I started by “pressing here” and removing this brass sleeve.


Upon removing the brass cover, there are two screws holding the wires, one brass and one silver.


Actually, one wire has ridges and the other is smooth. So, to make things easier for reconnecting later, I marked the wire to the silver screw with a sharpie. I put an “S” for silver.


Loosen the screw and the wire slips right off. I then unscrewed the socket base and pulled the brass rod out the bottom of the lamp without pulling the wire out of the brass rod. Leaving the wire inside the long brass rod makes reassembly much easier.  I then proceeded to spray the inside of the glass with a light coat of water followed by many light coats of “looking glass” spray paint. Much like I did here. Then I painted the shade black and reassembled the lamp.


You have to look closely to see the spots on this one. I’m going to go back and add more black to the shade.


I like it but what I like most about it was the price tag!


I’m all for an occasional splurge but I do love a bargain!


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