Friday, November 25, 2011

Faux Mercury Glass Lamp

In a previous post I shared this faux mercury glass lamp.IMG_2781

When I purchased the lamp at a second hand store it looked like this.


I think that it held shells at one time but there were no shells when I bought it. I took it home and took it apart. I started by taking off the harp and light socket.


If you look carefully at the socket, you will see the words “press here”. You press there to remove the cover. Then you unscrew the wires.  I usually mark the screw with the smooth wire with an “S” since one side of lamp wire is smooth and the other side has ridges. It does make a difference! Now that the socket has been removed, I can pull the lamp cord down through the bottom of the lamp to take everything completely apart.


Next, I gave the globe a good cleaning, inside and out. Then I used a spray bottle with water to spray a light coat inside the globe. I followed this by a thin coat of Looking Glass spray paint.


I followed with several light coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry before the next. The finish turned out great .


I really like those dark spots!


You never know what the finish will look like! It is unique every time. After the paint dried, I reassembled everything. I was very pleased with the outcome.